Solo E-sport Games

My friends and I are usually in a team, but sometimes they can’t be online at 3 in the morning to play something with me. So, when not using Bet9ja, […]

Most Popular Arcade/Coin-op Games

In the year 2018 and 2019, you can see many blockbuster games coming out almost every month. They come in all shapes and forms from simulations to arcades. Many of […]

Mobile Multiplayer Games

Many respected gaming journalists believed that this generation of consoles (Xbox One and Playstation 4) would be the last generation because of how powerful our mobile devices are getting. This […]

Greatest Gaming Tournaments

Esports is getting more popular on every continent. Professional gamers are becoming just as respected as any other sports player. For example, in South Korea esports players are the national […]

Multiplayer Online Card Games

What are some of the best you say? Well, let’s start with a classic, one that everyone knows about. Poker Poker is not a new game. Nowadays, you can play […]

Biggest eSports Organizations

Team Liquid Team Liquid is one of the best eSports organizations. They have made 18,805,491.25 USD from 1,148 tournaments. As the rest of the teams on this list, they made […]

Professional Games

E-sports is a young industry. It came together with the rise of gamers worldwide. Aside from betting options that can be found online on sites such as, the e-sports […]