Three Places Where You Can Still Play Coin-Operated Slot Machines

Coin-Operated Slot Machines are loved by people all over the world. Those who love casinos, very often lament for the old vintage casinos with old coin-operated slot machines, they had lots of fun with. In this modern age, casinos are often technologically improved, with great machines, usually automatic, in order to make it easier for the customers to use the machines. Not to mention the existence of online casinos, where sites such asĀ advertise promotions and bonuses. However, very often, people still want to visit a casino where they can find an old coin-operated slot machine and feel the spirit of the casino just a couple of decades ago.

For that reason, we will present to you three places where you can still play coin-operated slot machines and have a lot of fun.


The Cal, California Hotel and Casino, is located in Las Vegas, near Fremont Street. It was opened in 1975 and back then it possessed 325 rooms. Nowadays, the hotel has 781 rooms. The Casino still has the vintage coin-operated machines, and it is full of visitors every day. It is a casino and a hotel with a long lasting tradition, and we recommend you to visit it, in order to see the 1975 casino!


Before it became a hotel and a casino, the site was a train station back in the 1940s. However, it was demolished and the hotel and casino were built. It is owned by Tamares Group, and it is one of the most popular vintage casinos and hotels in Las Vegas. It is a huge hotel, and it has a casino spreading over 7 400 square meters. There is a classic showroom, fitness center, racebook, swimming pool, and other conveniences.

It was renovated and reopened in 2011. There are thousands of visitors visiting the casino every day. The people who visit it play on modern and old coin-operated machines to have fun. So if you are in Downtown Vegas, visit the casino, spend some time there and tell us your opinion!


Located on the Fremont Street Experience, Fremont Hotel and Casino is another very popular casino with coin-operated slot machines. It was opened in 1956, and back then it was the highest building of Nevada State. Nowadays, it is worth visiting because of the long-lasting tradition and its growing popularity which has not stopped growing since 1956.

We hope you have not heard before of these three casinos. The fortunate thing is that all of them are in Vegas, the city of casinos. Plan a visit to Las Vegas and plan to spend a couple of days touring and exploring these three vintage casinos. We hope that you will be reminded of the old casinos and that you will share your experience with us!