Games that are Best Played Solo – Single Player Games

There are certain games in this world which make it a great way to play with others, and then there are some which are great to play alone. Those would be single player and you can find better and more immersive storylines in those played solo as well.

What Single Player Games are the Best to Play?

Firstly, let’s be frank and say that in this article we won’t be mentioning single-player card games such as the Solitaire and games of chance such as the Lottery. Sure, many people use things such as the Lottoland bonus code to have an advantage when playing games online, but in this article, the focus will be on the PC games include a storyline and awesome graphics.

There is a story that almost everyone knows about, and that would be Skyrim. It’s a single player game set in a fantasy world where you are an explorer in a vast wilderness. There are so many quests and people absolutely love to play it. They are all eagerly waiting for the next instalment after Skyrim too. It has been many years since Skyrim was first released. So we’re all sure they are impatient by now. Skyrim allows you to be whoever you want to be, you can create your own character and class and so on.

Another wonderful game of the same genre would be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is basically the same as Skyrim only you play as a particular character who goes on missions to destroy terrible creatures whilst looking for his loved one.

What are the Pros to Solo Games?

For one, you can always play the game however you want. You can be slow, fast or medium paced. You are most likely able to discover new things before resuming your main quests and so on. There is no waiting around for a friend or anything else, it’s just you playing. That means freedom to do whatever you want. There is also mostly no worries about the internet connection. If you’re a hardcore single-player gamer, you will find that most of them do not require an internet connection. This means no waiting for the internet to come back up, just play away. And with multiplayer games online, you will find that voice chat is mostly better than typing, however, the shouts of other players can become very annoying and very hurtful for your ears. There is nothing but great music and sound effects for your solo games.

It is also important to consider the fact that if you can’t dedicate yourself fully to the game (meaning you may have to take many breaks because of situations in the real world) you cannot do that on online multiplayer games. It’s one of the beautiful traits solo games hold. However, make sure to hit that save button many times.