Biggest eSports Organizations

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the best eSports organizations. They have made 18,805,491.25 USD from 1,148 tournaments. As the rest of the teams on this list, they made their money by playing Dota 2 with other esports titles following closely.  As one of the most popular organizations out there, they have some very notable partnerships within the industry. Their partners include:

AlienWare – a computer hardware company who produces custom built gaming PCs. They are a company owned by Dell but operate independently. They are proud to be a sponsor for Team Liquid as this is a team with a lot of success in all esports titles.

Monster Energy – this is an energy drink that is present in most countries in the world. The company’s HQ is in California, USA and they stand for high adrenaline rushes so they tend to sponsor a lot of fast action sports and stunts.

 Twitch – this company is one of the companies even YouTube is scared of. They offer streaming services for games and basically everyone who wants to stream anything they are doing and present it live to the world. The Twitch platform is very popular with gamers. PUBG and Fortnite have become popular largely because people streamed their gameplay a lot on Twitch.

HyperX – this is a company who produces computer memory chips. Their focus is the gaming hardware enthusiasts. They do look like a great sponsor for Team Liquid- great fit.

There are a few other big sponsors such are Ballistix and Maxnomic and a few others that are being presented by Team Liquid and their great players.

Evil Geniuses

This esports organization is very successful in Call of Duty games as well as Rocket League, PUBG and Street Fighter. They attend tournaments regularly and often they take the win home. We can see that a few similar sponsors are present in this team, such as Twitch and Monster Energy. However, this talented group is also sponsored by AMD, Design by Humans, xfinity, Aorus (gaming hardware company), steelseries and Need for Seat (gaming furniture company). These are the main and most large ones.

This team packs very serious power under its belt. They have also made millions by playing the mentioned esports titles. They are truly one of the best esports organizations.


Newbee is a Chinese esports organization. They are best known for their success in Dota 2. Back in 2014 they won the international tournament without losing a single match. This brought them five million dollars. After this, they expanded and acquired a League of Legends team. However, they did not manage to win the League of Legends tournament for they only got to third place.

Fun fact: Newbee is actually sponsored by a billionaire. This way, they can afford to be very picky when it comes to other sponsors.

Even if Newbee hasn’t made a large success in recent times, it is still one of the most respected esports organizations out there and still makes a lot of money thanks to the quality players they have.