Multiplayer Online Card Games

What are some of the best you say? Well, let’s start with a classic, one that everyone knows about.


Poker is not a new game. Nowadays, you can play it in many forms – both online and offline. There are websites that promote different online casinos, from those already established to the new ones that should be operational soon, such as the online casinos in NY. Poker’s explosion in popularity did happen online with the rise of social networks. Many people had an opportunity to play it right from their facebook profile or a similar website. A large number of people have played poker at least once in their life. It is still rising in popularity even today.

Many people have made fortunes by playing poker professionally. There are tournaments being held in many cities around the world and Las Vegas is the place to be when it comes to being the best of the best. Online tournaments are held daily with much larger player pool and prize pools. If you know how to use Google, you can easily find an online poker tournament to participate in.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

This card game has been recently published by Bethesda. It is inspired by their game: The Elder Scrolls. It shares a lot of style and mechanic with Hearthstone – it being an online card game where you battle a single opponent. It contains cards of different property so deck building is still very important. Some people already play this game on a very highly competitive level and are building excellent decks. This game is graced with wonderful art made by Bethesda artists who also worked on The Elder Scrolls series (currently available as an online version of the game). Of course, origins of this card game are also in Skyrim which was published in 2011 and has record numbers of players even today.


I do believe we wrote about Hearthstone before on these pages, but no online multiplayer card game list can go without Hearthstone. It is one of my favourites and the one I keep going back too. I usually play with Thrall, an orc who is also a bit of a magician. He uses Totems as part of his strategy. Blizzard keeps updating this game every month with new cards and seasons. Also, you can get many new card backs. The competition is very strong here so you should keep your deck up to date for maximum power. Opponents are endless so you have plenty of time to gather some experience and level up. This game has virtually no end as any other card game.

Angry birds 2 has a Card System?

Not many would count this game as a card game. But popular Angry birds 2 actually has a card mechanic built in. Birds are now on the card itself and you pick a card to launch it, just like you would in any other card game. Your choice of a bird (card) actually matters for your strategy because you have to go for many turns before you reach the end of the level. It is a fun and engaging game to play, I recommend you give it a shot as it is free to play. It’s available on all mobile devices.