Mobile Multiplayer Games

Many respected gaming journalists believed that this generation of consoles (Xbox One and Playstation 4) would be the last generation because of how powerful our mobile devices are getting. This didn’t turn out to be true considering that both Sony and Microsoft are already working on the new generation. However, it is true that our mobile companions are getting very powerful. For example, you can play PUBG and Fortine right on your phone, let alone casino games like the ones found on Comeon Casino. Just 5 years ago this was not even possible. But now, with eight core CPUs and the latest generation GPUs along with nice liquid cooling, these little monsters in our pockets can pull some serious weight forward.

As you know, many older game consoles can be emulated on an Android phone or iOS device. So where does this leave multiplayer games? It leaves them very accessible. You can play Minecraft with your friends on the go, or play some online first person shooter, platformer or anything in between. Even companies like Sony and Sega are now publishing their titles tailored for mobile devices, look them up in the play store and app store.


In recent days we keep hearing about cross-play. This means that people on Nintendo Switch can play Fortnite with players on PC or Xbox One. This is great news for everyone involved. However, Sony’s Playstation 4 was not part of this deal up until recently. They were not part of this cross-play deal because they have the most consoles out there. PS4 is the most sold console of the current generation. After the public was really pushing on them, Sony agreed to allow cross-platform play for Fortnite.

Fun fact: Sony claimed that cross-platform play is very challenging to achieve. Soon after that, Fortnite’s developers enabled the feature “accidentally”. Turns out it’s not that hard to get working. Now, it’s only a matter of time when mobile players will be able to mix with PC and console players to enjoy the games together. The future of gaming is cross-platform play. Now all manufactures know that.

Future of Mobile Multiplayer Gaming

Multiplayer gaming on mobile looks bright. Bad games will go down the top list and good games will go up the same list. Multiplayer keeps getting stronger on mobile. And more and more console and PC games are being published on mobile. And some other games of this kind have a companion app – an app that lets you check your stats and reach out to people more easily. Typing with a phone is, of course, more convenient than typing with a console controller.

More publishers will join mobile gaming and in a few console generations, mobile might indeed become a gaming PC or console replacement.